How To Make Money As A ClickFunnels Affiliate

Written by Basics

Are you wondering how to make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate? There are tons of methods you can use to find success. Most successful affiliates share these methods on their blogs and YouTube channels and chances are you’ve watched a few of them.

So which one will you actually do? It can be confusing and overwhelming to the point that you can’t start.

Here are some ways to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate:

Promote ClickFunnels to businesses

Any business needs a sales funnel. An example of a sales funnel would be a fitness website that offers a free guide on ab exercises in exchange for their email address. When someone signs up, they get the free guide — and they will also be getting future sales emails that they may or may not buy into.

To present your offer, you need to have a web page to send your visitors to. This is called a landing page. This is what ClickFunnels was made for.

With ClickFunnels, you can create one or more landing pages that are all part of a sales funnel. You can track how many people visited your funnel and how many subscribed or bought the offer.

You can find businesses near you that has a website but no funnel or has no website at all and pitch them ClickFunnels as a way to get more sales. You can build funnels for these businesses and charge for it.

Promote ClickFunnels to affiliate marketers

Popular marketers online swear by Clickfunnels as the best way to build funnels and grow their business. Search Clickfunnels in Google or YouTube right now and you’ll see dozens of rave reviews.

While there are other similar tools that offer the same features and functionalities as Clickfunnels, it’s undeniable that Clickfunnels has a massive following that beats the competition.

In my opinion, Clickfunnels is just easy and straightforward to use. Compared to LeadPages and Unbounce, I prefer the workflow in Clickfunnels and the way everything is organized.

With ClickFunnels, you can set up a sales page in less than 5 minutes. That’s how easy and fast it is. Plus – you get free training so you’ll learn everything you need to know to build high-converting landing pages.

Clickfunnels as an affiliate program

Now, there’s another reason why Clickfunnels is getting all the love from its loyal users. It’s the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program gives 40% monthly recurring commission for each referral. This means that when a person signs up through your affiliate link and pays the monthly ClickFunnels fee, you get 40% of that fee every month.

The basic ClickFunnels plan is $97/month. That’s $39/month per person that signs up under you.

When you become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you don’t just get some links and banners and left to your own devices.

You get training and support from the creator of ClickFunnels himself, Russel Brunson. You even get to give away free books for a commission and keep getting commissions from upsells and other future offers.

What’s even mind-blowing is ClickFunnels’ Dream Car challenge. If you refer 100 active users, you get an extra $500 per month so you can pay the lease on a new car. Get 200 active users, you get an extra $1000 per month. Crazy, huh?

ClickFunnels wants you to succeed as an affiliate because it boosts their sales. You, on the other hand, have infinite earning potential as long as you promote ClickFunnels.

Do you need it?

If you want to seriously pursue affiliate marketing, you’re going to need a way to build sales funnels and landing pages. So YES, you need ClickFunnels to convert casual visitors into paying customers.

Even if you are a complete beginner, you will find helpful guides inside the ClickFunnels dashboard to get you on the right track.

Is it worth the cost?

Not everyone has an extra $97 lying around to spend on marketing software. If you can’t afford it, then there are less expensive ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

However, if you do decide to invest, it is going to be worth it. You might not see a return of investment right away, but it’s bound to happen. Whether it’ll happen in the next month or the next year is completely up to you.

If you’re still on the fence, ClickFunnels has a 14-day free trial so you can see if it’s the right tool for your business.